Growing older and experiencing changes in her body's shape and size made PAIKORO owner Zaje' pay more attention to how retail women's clothing tends to fit women who have more curves in their physique. After some years with trial and error in women's clothing, Zaje' finally had a vision that wasn't just clothing. What made her vision so special was her desire to create a world for women (especially women of color) that was filled with items to accentuate our lifestyles so we could best live as our truest selves.

After becoming certified in Integrative Wellness in 2017, starting a clothing line in 2018, and years of study in skincare and beauty, in 2020 Zaje' came up with PAIKORO. The name "Zaje" is African, and it's actually a location nestled in Niger under the Paikoro Local Government. To pay homage to her culture and her South African ancestral descent, PAIKORO was born.

PAIKORO aims to join cultural, contemporary, and sultry home and apparel pieces with apothecary and beauty to create lifestyle capsules that intrigue and accentuate women. 

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